Manufacturing Bases


Plasma Supply Base

The raw plasma supply base is located in Dafeng, Jiangsu province, which is the horse immunization & plasmapheresis base using single stable captive breeding and machine-collecting plasmapheresis in China. It ensures the superior raw plasma to be supplied for high-quality antitoxin and antiserum products. Perennially 600 horses are raised in the base with annual plasma output ranged from 30 to 40 million milliliter.



Finished Product Factory

The finished product factory of the Company is located in Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech Zone Qingpu Park with land area approx. 27 thousand sqm. and the building area around 8.3 thousand sqm. The annual manufacturing capacity of the factory is over 20 million vials of various antitoxin and antiserum products, among which antivenin’s capacity is over 200,000 vials. In May 2012, the Qingpu factory obtained the GMP certificate issued by the China Food and Drug Administration(CFDA) and in June 2013 it passed the GMP inspection of the Ministry of Foodand Drug Security of Korea (MFDS).